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reuse and recycle

Craft Naturals Packaging

We put a lot of thought into our packaging at Craft Naturals and we are proud to say that our products are delivered to our customers in recyclable aluminum cans with sustainable BioStone® labels.

Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the market today and can be indefinitely recycled over and over. Unlike many other materials, recycling aluminum is economically viable. Aluminum is in high demand and the recycling process uses about 10% of the energy costs versus those used in producing new metal.

Our labels are printed on BioStone®, a non-laminated, water-resistant material primarily made from calcium carbonate, one of the most common substances on the planet. Neither trees nor petrochemicals are used. Although BioStone® is not recyclable, it simply burns off during the aluminum recycling smelting process.

Our containers are fitted with 360-degree lids that open the top completely and allow full access to the product. Our reusable Crafty Can Lid pops on to create the perfect pump dispenser. We custom designed our Lid to ensure a well-constructed, long-lasting, fitted lid with a solid-built screw collar.

all-natural & plant-based

Craft Naturals Ingredients

The quality, effectiveness, and earth-friendliness of our Craft Naturals ingredients is paramount. Extensive testing resulted in products we genuinely love and are excited to bring to market. Our products are made in Canada.

Craft Natural ingredients are 100% natural and the formulas ensure our products are exceptionally effective yet safe for all earth's creatures and water systems. Many ingredients are certified organic, and all are derived from natural, plant-based sources. We have to say we are really very proud of our product line!

100% Made With Love

• vegan
• gluten-free
• biodegradable
• septic & waterways safe
• phosphate-free
• petrochemical free
• mineral oil-free
• paraben free
• SLS/SLES free
• artificial fragrance & colour free
• never tested on animals

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