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Aloe Vera is Awesome

Aloe Vera is Awesome

When we think of aloe vera, we often think of fun summer days cut short by a terrible sunburn. But the benefits of aloe vera don’t just end there — Aloe vera has multiple nourishing properties that are beneficial for all skin types when used in skincare products. 

The use of aloe vera in bath and body products dates back to ancient times. Cleopatra deemed aloe vera the ‘plant of immortality’ and believed that bathing in it would prolong her beauty. Aloe vera was also used on ancient Roman battlefields by the armies of Alexander the Great to treat wounded soldiers.

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a succulent with cactus-like leaves. Within the leaves is a thick gel known as aloe latex. This inner gel is the part of the plant used topically and can be found in various bath and body products. Aloe latex consists of over 90% water, however, it is absorbed 4x more readily than water itself.

One of the great things about aloe vera is that it comes from a sustainable plant source that is easily cultivated in many parts of the world. Because it is a succulent, aloe vera can tolerate low rainfall and does not require a lot of water to grow. 

Check out these 5 benefits of aloe vera in bath and body products:


Aloe vera is extremely hydrating, and due to its light texture and high water content, it’s effective even on oily skin and hair. When aloe vera dries, it creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture allowing the skin to be replenished. 


One of the reasons aloe vera works so well for sunburns is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera contains compounds, such as acemannan, which aids in soothing inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial in treating various burns, acne and other skin irritations.

Aloe vera is also believed to help reduce internal inflammation such as swollen muscles when applied to the skin.


Aloe vera has several properties which enable it to slow the signs of aging. Due to its moisturizing abilities, aloe vera helps skin appear more healthy and radiant. With regular use, aloe vera can also stimulate the growth of new fibroblast cells which aid in collagen production and skin elasticity. This helps prevent the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

Aloe vera also blocks enzymes, such as tyrosinase, which is responsible for dark sunspots on the skin.


In addition to blocking the development of new sunspots, antioxidants in aloe vera may also fade sun damage that has already occurred. These antioxidants can also help fade dark undereye circles.

Antioxidants vitamin C and E also help block harmful effects of free radicals which can cause skin damage and speed the aging process.

Aloe vera also contains polyphenols which are extremely high in antioxidants and can help prevent the growth of certain bacteria making it an excellent choice for wound healing and acne prevention.


Aloe vera naturally contains salicylic acid which helps remove dead skin cells and acts as a gentle exfoliator. Salicylic acid in aloe vera is also great for the treatment of acne as it helps unclog pores.

Experience the benefits of aloe vera when you use Craft Naturals. All of our products are vegan, biodegradable, free of harsh chemicals and detergents and made with only the finest plant-based ingredients, including aloe leaf juice.

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